Vasile Electronics

How it all began

27 October 2011 - the beginning

Let me introduce myself, I am Egidio Vasile, born in 1990. I still live in a small town in Molise “Riccia”, where I spent my whole childhood.

My passion for electronics, if I could define it in those days, dates back to when I was about 6 years old, fascinated by electronic toys that emitted sounds and lights. At that time I limited myself only to disassembling and never reassembling the various toys I had at home, for the simple curiosity to find out what was inside. With the passage of time, I have also become passionate about other things, but the desire to “play with electronics” has never vanished.

At the age of about 13, I remember seeing a newspaper dedicated to electronics for the first time (I had never noticed it before); I decided to buy it believing I could immediately build a circuit with the various components recovered here and there. As soon as I opened it, I was amazed, it was a world that I had never seen before, what particularly intrigued me was the master of printed circuits, who at that time thought "who knows what technology was needed to be able to make them", and who knows where they were made. That book, I filed in the library and remained there until the beginning of the third year of high school.

After the middle school, I enrolled at the ITIS "G.Marconi" in Campobasso, choosing in the third year the specialization for electronics and telecommunication; I still remember that day as if it were yesterday, when the prof. of TDP (technology design and planning) "Felice Montanaro" (UNCLE FELIX), he explained to us the various objectives to be completed before the end of the school year, including the creation of PCBs; in that moment my eyes opened, I never imagined that thanks to simple procedures it was possible to create “home made” printed circuits.

During the lessons, I had a few books open on the desk: Digital Electronics, Tdp and Systems.

The electronics lessons were really exciting, after all, as explained by prof. of electronics "Donato Barone" (UNCLE DONATO), even the most complicated thing in the world, made it easy to understand.

I still remember the first circuit, a simple flashing light with NE555; I worked on it for 3 months and in the end I made it on millefori. Unimaginable the great satisfaction I felt when I powered the circuit; I saw for the first time my project work. Since then I have made many circuits, but I always feel the same satisfaction.

The last three years of high school have been really fantastic, both for the new friends I met, for the profs. (more than prof. they can be defined as great friends) and for the cultural background that has gradually grown. Towards the end of the 5th year, in anticipation of the exams, I completed a project that grouped both electronics and systems, "the laboratory adjustable power supply" I really dedicated a lot of time to its realization, especially the software part that concerned the pic ; I had never programmed a micro before.

After high school, during the summer I devoted myself to the realization of the CNC, completed in the winter of 2009; in that period I also embarked on the university path, I enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science at the UNIMOL “University of Molise”; I spent 5 months there and took only 2 exams before finally abandoning my studies. From there I understood that electronics and information technology are two very different things.

I still work in an Audio / Video service center here in my country, I must say that it was a stroke of luck to be able to work there, because it is one step away from home and then it allows me to finance my projects and my research ; moreover, if your work coincides with your hobby, you can work happily and happily.

In my free time, or rather what remains, I dedicate it to studying, experimenting and making prototypes of electronic circuits; on the other hand I realized that nothing is impossible, the important thing is not to give up.


March 17, 2013 - new ideas and new knowledge

In these two years since the opening of the site, things have happened, my knowledge on analogue and digital electronics has expanded considerably; projects that I considered "impossible" to be carried out due to both complexity and lack of knowledge have taken shape.

The part of the study of programmable electronics that I consider the most interesting is the programming of 32bit microphones, the "leap" to these devices has allowed me to develop new prototypes with incredible performance.


7 April 2014 - the BIG step

On April 7, 2014 Vasile Elettronica was officially born, finally the big day has arrived, some have defined it as a "quality leap", a way to fight the crisis that in this period is harassing Italy; others, on the other hand, have defined my choice as a "condemnation".

After a long time of inactivity on the site (mainly due to lack of time) I replaced the old site with a more modern and organized one, thanks to in-depth studies on HTML and CSS. Now the site illustrates more the projects I have created, accompanied by a technical file on which the technical data, the field of application, the various connections and the methods of use are reported.