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Electronic control system for an electro-pneumatic drill

Boards for the control of electro-pneumatic drills

Control board for an electro-pneumatic drill, developed in two versions: BASIC and PRO.

Both versions feature a 1.5-inch 128x128 pixel white #OLED display for parameter visualization, including battery status, speed, hole count, sensor status, and more. The boards are connected via flat cables and quick-connect connectors.

Boards for the control of electro-pneumatic drills


  • 1.5-inch #OLED display

  • 4-layer #PCB

  • Battery-powered

  • USB or wireless charging system

  • Optical tachometer

  • Capacitive sensors for zeroing

  • Step-up converter for powering solenoid valves

  • Provision for #RS485 communication

The BASIC version differs from the PRO version in that it includes three physical buttons for parameter settings and lacks the Bluetooth module. In the PRO version, settings are configured through a dedicated app.

3D board created in Fusion 360

3D rendering of the board coupled with the #OLED module, developed using #Fusion360

Black and white OLED display.

Detail of the #OLED display.

Boards for the control of electro-pneumatic drills.

The boards that make up the project.


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