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Timer per gettoniera meccanica

Timer For Mechanical Coin Acceptor

The programmable timer for mechanical coin mechanism (mod. VE017-11) is a versatile and compact electronic timer born from the need to time electronic and electrical loads interfaced with a mechanical coin mechanism.

Depending on the need, the timer can be equipped or not with the display, in case the display needs to be used, the basic increase time can be set using two buttons on the board; if, on the other hand, it is not necessary to use the display, the setting of the base time takes place using the microswitch always present on the board.

In case of use with display, the base time increases with 10 second steps, otherwise if the display is not used, the base time set by DipSwich increases with 30 second steps.

On the 7-segment - 4-digit display it is possible to view the steps set (during setting) or the remaining time (during operation).

The board is equipped with two buttons on the board and a 4-bit DipSwich for setting the time, it also has an input for the start / pause button, an input for the coin mechanism, an output for an electrical load and an input for the 'Power supply.

The board is designed to manage displays that are not directly soldered to the board, in fact it has an expansion connector.

The extremely compact dimensions make this device universal and easy to install.

Timer per gettoniera meccanica


  • Supply voltage:

    • 7-36Vdc;

    • 12-24Vac;

  • Supply current: 200mA max;

  • Type of display used: 7 segments CC;

  • Maximum applicable load:

    • DC: 5A;

    • AC: 5A

  • Output voltage: power supply voltage;

  • Minimum adjustment time: 10 (30) seconds;

  • Maximum adjustment time: 90 minutes;

  • Adjustment step: 10 (30) seconds;

  • Permanent storage of the set time;

  • Ability to pause the countdown;

  • Predisposition for external display.

Technical features
set tempo Timer per gettoniera meccanica


At the first start-up it is necessary to set the basic increase time, to do this it is sufficient (in the case of a card with display) to press the two keys on the UP printed circuit to increase the time, DW to decrease the time, both with 10-second steps. ; the display will show the time set for 5 seconds; otherwise, if the display is not used, the base time can be set via DipSwich with 30second steps, as shown in the figure.


The basic time is the value that you want to attribute to the single token, Ex:

For each token you want to dispense water for 5 minutes, consequently the basic time must be set at 05:00; each subsequent token inserted increases the total time by 05:00.

Timer per gettoniera meccanica


After setting the desired basic time, the timer waits to receive a single or a series of impulses from the coin mechanism; when the impulse is received, the display lights up and shows the total time; using the start / stop button, the countdown and service delivery are started, delivery can be paused and re-enabled without time limits


On request it is possible to supply the card with expansion connector for external display.


  • Home automation

  • Automotive

  • Robotics

  • Model making



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