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Terms of sale


The following types of payment are possible:

  • Advance bank transfer;

  • Paypal.


The goods are shipped within 2 working days of receipt of payment.

The customer is informed of the shipment by email, in which the shipment number is indicated.

The following shipping types are available:

  • Express courier;

  • Post1.

The cost of shipping via Express Courier is equal to:

  • € 8.50 for packages weighing no more than 1kg;

  • 10 € for weight over 1 kg

The cost of shipping via Posta1 is equal to:

  • € 3 for bags weighing less than 100g;

  • € 6.50 for bags weighing between 100g and 500g;

  • € 8 for bags weighing over 500g.

  • Maximum permissible weight in Posta1 is 2Kg.

For amounts over € 150 (excluding shipping), shipping to Italy is free.

The time taken to deliver the material varies from 2 to 15 working days, depending on the country where the package is to be delivered and the type of shipment selected.

In holiday periods (Christmas, Easter, August) shipping times may be longer; Vasile Elettronica is not liable for damages due to delivery delays due to the carrier.

Shipping address

The buyer is responsible for correctly reporting the address.

In order to avoid inconvenience in shipping the material, it is advisable to check that the data relating to the shipping address are correct. The route must be the one you want for the shipment.

The street must be complete (do not use abbreviations or just a person's last name).

Check that the house number is written.

Check that the zip code is correct.

Check that the email used for PayPal is correct (shipping information will be provided to the PayPal email).

In the case of using the payment method by bank transfer, the buyer must send confirmation of payment.


After 10 days from receipt of the goods, the recipient is deemed to have lost the right to lodge any complaint.

Complaints must be received in writing.


Any returns of goods must be authorized by us. The shipment for the return is charged to the applicant, in no case will material on delivery or carriage forward be accepted.

The products must be returned in the same condition as they were sent; kits to be assembled must be unassembled, partially assembled kits will not be refunded


Although the circuits and projects have been created, so that they can function correctly and safely, the author declines all responsibility for any damage caused to things, animals or people, deriving from the direct or indirect use of the material, of the projects and circuits published on this site.

Pay particular attention to products bearing the "electric discharge" and / or "Danger of mains voltage" symbol.

They are circuits connected directly to the electrical grid, therefore deadly; have the wiring carried out only by qualified personnel, Vasile Elettronica declines any responsibility for any accidents due to the improper use of these modules.


According to the European Directive 2003/108 / EC all electrical / electronic devices must be considered special waste and must not be disposed of with domestic waste.

The management and disposal of electrical / electronic waste depends on local and governmental authorities.

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