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The servo control (code VE015-008 ), allows to manage, through the use of a button or switch (selectable with a solder pad on the board), two servomotors with parallel displacement and, if necessary, manage a third servo with displacement in push-pull.

The circuit simplicity combined with the reduced dimensions allows the use of this module in the most varied applications where mechanical control is required.


Control for servos

SKU: VE015-008
€9.00 Regular Price
€7.00Sale Price
VAT Included
    • Power supply voltage: 4 - 7Vdc;
    • Absorption: 100mA (Max) at 7Vdc;
    • Speed adjustment: single turn linear trimmer;
    • Opening angle adjustment: single turn linear trimmer;
    • Supported servos: Analog and digital;
    • Six-pin connector for the parallel connection of two servos;
    • Three-pin connector for the connection of the servo with rotation in counter-phase;
    • 2-pin terminal block for connecting the button or switch;
    • Operation with button or switch selectable directly from the board.
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