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schede elettroniche assemblate


Offered services

From the idea to the finished product.


Problem analysis, sketch of a possible solution, cost evaluation, project engineering

  • Firmware for 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers;

  • Windows and Android software;

  • Layout engineering;

  • Creation of customer-specific libraries;

  • PCB in mono, dual and multilaye;

  • Support in FR4, aluminum, flexible;

  • Reverse engineering;

  • 3D PCB design;

  • Drafting of documentation for production;

  • Prototype, pre-series, series supply.

Vasile Elettronica offers a 360-degree service in the design and production of electronic boards:

We take care of the research and purchase of all the components necessary for production.

For SMT assembly: we have a line consisting of a screen printing machine for depositing the solder cream, a pick and place for the automatic positioning of components on the board and a reflow oven for soldering.

For THT assembly: we have a wave soldering machine, if the type of board does not allow the passage on the wave, we proceed with the manual soldering of the component.

​On each board an optical inspection is performed to identify and correct assembly errors and subsequently tested according to customer specifications​.


Possibility of tropicalizing the product or incorporating it in epoxy resin.

Electronic design

Vasile Elettronica offers cutting-edge solutions in electronic design.

  • Feasibility study;

  • Drafting of product specifications;

  • Development of analog / digital equipment;

  • Development of radio frequency transmission systems and units;

  • Product engineering and industrialization;

  • Re-design of existing products that can no longer be produced;

  • Miniaturization of an existing electronic system.

Examples of application sectors:

  • Automotive;

  • Automatic control systems;

  • Environmental monitoring;

  • Demotic;

  • Acquisition and measurement systems;

  • Data transmission with technology: GSM, GPRS, Radio 433.92, WiFi, Bluetooth;

  • Analog sensors and digital sensors;

  • Signal conditioning;

  • Automatic identification systems: RFID, magnetic, biometric cards;

  • Audio sector;

  • Telecommunications.

PCB design

Firmware and software

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